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New Relic Java Agent -------------------- New Relic is an application performance monitoring (APM) service that lets you see and understand application performance metrics in real time so you can fix problems fast. The Java agent collects system and application metrics by injecting bytecode into a select set of methods. The metrics are reported to the New Relic service once a minute. The agent also reports uncaught exceptions and slow transactions. The Java Agent installs into your app server and monitors the performance of your apps. The agent monitors applications written in Java, Scala, and other languages that run on the JVM. New Relic provides additional detail for many common frameworks and libraries. See this page for details: Getting Started --------------- If you don't already have a New Relic account, sign up for a free account: When you sign up, you will be provided with a customized zip file that is configured with your license key. Using Java SE 5? You will need a different version of the agent. See below. Installation ------------ Complete installation instructions and troubleshooting tips are available at: For most users, the following self-installer instructions apply: Configuration options are available at: Using New Relic --------------- Once you have installed the agent and restarted your app server, you can login to New Relic at and see your application's performance information. It takes about two minutes for the application data to show up. By default, your data will appear under an application named "My Application". You can change this by updating the app_name setting in newrelic.yml (see below). Agent Files ----------- Typically, you will unzip the newrelic files in your app server root. The layout is: newrelic/ newrelic.jar newrelic-api.jar newrelic.yml logs/ ... The installation process adds a JVM argument -javaagent:newrelic/newrelic.jar to your app server startup script. The newrelic.yml file provides configuration options. Most of the options take effect on restart of the app server. NOTE: yml requires exact whitespace indentation! If the indentation is incorrect, the option may be ignored. The logs directory contains important diagnostic information about the agent. In particular, view newrelic/logs/newrelic_agent.log if you are troubleshooting. If you use the New Relic API in your code, you will need to include the newrelic-api.jar file at compile time and add it as a dependency to your app. Make sure that you use the same version for your API and newrelic.jar. New Relic publishes to the Maven Central Repository, so you can add a dependency to newrelic-api in your favorite build tool. Note to Java SE 5 Users ----------------------- This version of the agent works with Java SE 6 and 7. At signup or in your Account Settings page, you have the option to download a version of the agent that works with Java SE 5. Support ------- Email <>, or visit our support site at Licenses -------- See the LICENSE file for New Relic's license terms and the list of third-party components that are included in the agent.