September 17, 2019
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BM-15207 Fix: get domain from screen created from a plugin

Anthony Prades authored on 16/09/2019 16:01:08
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BM-13991 Fix: enable directory search by user login

Thomas Fricker authored on 13/09/2019 13:25:26
View 3aa09ab

BM-11213 Fix: add recurrence chooser

Thomas Fricker authored on 16/09/2019 12:21:05
View d22aa5c

[cli] FEATBL-853 Feat: add tool to migrate messages from cyrus archive partition to object store

Thomas Cataldo authored on 16/09/2019 09:42:05
View aa75562

[cli] FEATBL-876 Feat: Configure s3cmd, or s4cmd to command s3 SDS

Enguerran Colson authored on 13/09/2019 14:01:39 • Thomas Cataldo committed on 17/09/2019 07:52:13
View 2051882

[tick] FEATBL-875 Feat: Add metrics to SDS

Thomas Cataldo authored on 12/09/2019 15:34:53
View 0b2f545

[replication] FEATBL-886 Feat: read from 'pluggable' object store when checking if a body guid is known

Thomas Cataldo authored on 12/09/2019 13:55:13
View 42634bb

[adminconsole] FEATBL-851 Feat: extend HSM configuration panel to expose S3 object store settings.

Enguerran authored on 10/09/2019 14:41:09 • Thomas Cataldo committed on 17/09/2019 07:51:15
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[sds] FEATBL-874 Feat: add POST /configuration endpoint for live reconfiguration of SDS proxy (switch from dummy backend to s3)

Thomas Cataldo authored on 09/09/2019 09:48:02
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[sds] FEATBL-873 Feat: s3 based store implementation for SDS proxy

Thomas Cataldo authored on 06/09/2019 15:01:51
View e480606

[cyrus] FEATBL-872 Feat: use cyrus docker image with sds-proxy deployed and started

Thomas Cataldo authored on 06/09/2019 12:28:23
View 2ad5c9a

[cyrus] FEATBL-864 Feat: companion proxy for FEATBL-850 object store code. bm-sds-proxy sits next to cyrus-imapd and will forward storage requests to an object store.

Thomas Cataldo authored on 03/09/2019 13:19:45
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Chore: build fix + eclipse warnings

Thomas Cataldo authored on 02/09/2019 08:31:44
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FEATBL-849 Feat: use a docker dev env featuring bluemind/s3server and object-store enabled cyrus. Add unit test checking our S3 client from target platform works with our fresh docker.

Thomas Cataldo authored on 29/08/2019 13:43:48
View 328deca

[cyrus] FEATBL-845 FEATBL-847 Feat: use an object store enabled build & use it by default. The referenced cyrus build uses a dummy object store writing EMLs into /dummy-sds.

Thomas Cataldo authored on 23/08/2019 05:47:04